Boğaziçi İhtisas Fuarcılık Ltd Şti (Bosphorus Expo) has a very successful background experience in the area of Building and Construction Trade Fairs. Trade fairs such as Turkey Build, Unicera, Door and Window Fair and Marble İzmir have become one of the world’s most important trade fairs as well as in Turkey. In addition to this, increasing export rates, opening up to brandnew markets and visa exemptions have increased the courage of our manufacturers and exporters therefore our brands have started to take place in successive international markets in order to discover new opportunities.

Along with successful international development of Turkish construction sector starting from the 70's, our construction and trade fairs have successfully passed the examinations given outside the national boundaries. It started to grow by the leadership of the contractors and construction companies doing business in Africa, Russia, Middle East and European markets and forming of material and machinery manufacturers’ export roadmap. This development makes things easier for international trade fair organization sector. Turkey now has become one of the contributors with the highest number of exhibitors in major construction trade fairs such as Dubai, Algeria, Germany, Russia, Ethiopia and Nigeria.

Bosphorus Expo was established with a management experienced in building construction fair organizations over 10 years in dozens of countries. It has added success stories of 24 fairs in its 4-year-resume such as 2 Libya Benghazi building and construction fairs, 4 Georgia Batum building and construction fairs, 4 Ethiopia Addis Ababa building and construction fairs, 4 Nigeria Abuja and 1 Lagos building and construction fairs, 4 Oman Muscat building and construction fairs, 2 Saudi Arabia Dammam building and construction fairs, 1 Kazakhstan Astana building and construction fairs, 2 Ghana Akra building and construction fairs and continues to gain the reference and smiling faces of 350 companies. Boğaziçi İhtisas Fuarcılık Ltd. Şti, Bosphorus Expo, has given all its focus and energy to the building and construction trade fair sector and takes steps to renew and develop itself every day. We came up with 6 markets for our producers in 2016. These exhibitions are Kazakhstan (Astana), Nigeria (Abuja), Ethiopia, Ghana (Akra), South Africa (Cape Town) and Georgia (Batum) building and construction fairs.

In Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, we have a 4-year-business history with Addis Ababa Ethio-Con, International Build and Construction Expo, which is not only Ethiopia’s but also East Africa's biggest building and construction fair. The Ethiopian Building and Construction Fair has been organized for 13 years and it is supported by the Ethiopian Contractors and Construction Companies Association, the largest building construction sector association in Ethiopia. Ethiopia Addis Ababa Building and Construction Fair organized by Point Expo, one of the most important organizers of the world, is one of the most crowded construction fairs in Africa with 324 companies, its magnificent size of 15.000 m² exhibition area and over 11.000 visitors.

Construction companies, contractors, construction equipment dealers, building and construction materials wholesalers and importers from Ethiopia's most important cities like Asmara, Dire Dawa, Mekele, Gondar, Nazret, Dessie, Harar and Bahir Dar, are visiting Ethiopia Addis Ababa Building and Construction Exhibition. Nigeria is not only in Africa but one of the world's leading market and the largest building site. Nigeria Abuja Construction Fair with 60 years of rooted history in Nigerian capital Abuja, carries the distinction of being Africa's oldest building construction fair and is supported by the Nigeria Construction Industry Federation which is the largest sectoral organizations of Nigeria. Nigeria Construction Industry Federation with 125 members has undertaken and finished a $ 20 billion construction projects in total to cities like Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Kaduna, Jos, Benin City, Ibadan, Ikeja, Owo and Calabar and its construction machinery and equipment power is worth over 10 Billion dollars. More than 80 companies from Turkey were attended to Nigeria Abuja Building and Construction Fair through the organization of Bosphorus Expo

Ghana which can freely and effectively trade with 19 countries in West Africa, has become the center of attraction for West Africa with its second largest gold producer, rich oil reserves and large aluminum deposits, its developed democratic structure and free trade opportunities. Ghana Accra Building and Construction Fair non arguably is the largest construction fair in Ghana with over 120 attendees and almost 7000 visitors. With its 12-year history, Ghana Akra Building and Construction Fair brings together the most important construction sector representatives of major cities such as Akra, Kumasi, Takoradi, Cape Coast, Theme and Obuasi. More than 100 Turkish companies with increasing participants each passing year are attending to this fair and providing promotion of their products in Ghana market through the organization of Bosphorus Specialized Trade Fair LLC - Bosphorus Expo.

The Republic of South Africa, the largest economy of the African continent is also the most developed country of the continent. South Africa, with over 50 million population and the highest trade potential of Africa, has a hinterland of 300 million considering its intensive trading partner countries like Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, Swaziland, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe in addition to its own trading potential. South Africa Cape Town Building and Construction Fair, Cape Construction Expo organized in Cape Town, is hosting the largest sector meeting in the country’s building and construction rising star Cape Town city with its more than 100 participants. By being at the top of the list of viable cities in South Africa's happiness index and with its smart city planning, Cape Town is a strategic center where the construction industry is very lively. We are implementing an important service to Turkey’s market by presenting South Africa Cape Town Construction Fair, Cape Construction Expo, held in the most strategic point in Africa's construction and fair industry.

We also provided exhibition services to our producers and exporters outside of Africa region and contributed to the establishment of the Made in Turkey image in those markets with the construction fairs of Oman, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Georgia, Algeria and Afghanistan. Turkish market is a strategic region for Bosphorus Specialized Trade Fair LLC - Bosphorus Expo. Our mission is to make our producers and exporters prefer the right building and construction fairs. For this reason, we selected Kazakhstan, as the biggest and most rich country of the region, and made it an important base for building and construction fairs and presented it to the attention of Turkish market.

Kazakhstan is almost the only country in the world that has more than 1000 mineral mines in its region and can draw out so many different kinds of valuable minerals and elements, especially natural gas, gold, oil, and so on. Kazakhstan is the strongest and richest states of the region comparing to Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan. Kazakhstan Build Industry Astana is the largest and rooted building materials construction technology fair in Kazakhstan held in Astana, the capital city of Kazakhstan, with around 300 exhibitors and more than 10000 visitors. Our team provide important company profile data to our exporters by visiting large wholesalers on Basikbeyeva Street in Astana as well as large wholesale markets like Sapa and Etanol Bazaar.

In 2016, we had 3 important activities that we proudly offer to our exporters. First one is the strategic partnership we developed with Building Materials Industry Association (IMSAD) which its members are the largest manufacturers of building materials industry in Turkey. We were proud of working with IMSAD members at the fairs that we represent in these activities. Besides, we organized Ethiopia-Turkey and Building Materials Sector Business Forum specially for IMSAD members at Cemile Sultan Grove and we have held bilateral business talks with 30 importers that we invited specially from Ethiopia and representatives of IMSAD Member organizations. As a result of these beneficial activities, we have raised awareness of our exporters in Ethiopia Construction Materials Market.

As our second large organization in MUSIAD Expo, one of the most important fair organizations in Turkey, we as, Bosphorus Specialized Trade Fair LLC, performed Abroad Home Agency role with our great honor of being a member of Turkey's biggest businessmen organization of MUSIAD (Independent Industrialists Businessmen's Association). We are proud to be a part of this magnificent organization. We were honored to bring 342 international buyers from Kazakhstan, Iraq, Iran, Georgia, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Togo and Afghanistan at Müsiad Expo Fair held in 32.000 m² area. We offer our gratitude to Müsiad for giving us the opportunity to become a part of this magnificent organization.

Our third big event was Antalya Construction Machinery and Equipments Exhibition – CME promotion meeting in 2017 which will be held at Antalya Anfaş Expo Center on 04-07 October 2017 and Bosphorus Specialized Trade Fair LLC will organize for the first time as the biggest excitement for the company. At this meeting, we brought together 72 foreign construction machinery and equipment buyers and 114 construction machinery manufacturers. In particular, the speech and the value given by Mr. Ayre Bekele, President of the Ethiopian Contractors' Association, to our company made us very touched. We want to thank to one of the most important names, our Deputy Dr Hasan Sert who is also the former president of Tümsiad, E. DEİK Board Member and President of Ethiopia Turkey Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group, for not leaving us alone in our meeting and also thanks to 23th and 24th Antalya Deputy and Anfaş Managing Board President Mr Sadık Badak.

We are proud of presenting all these building construction and machinery fairs to our country's eminent sector representatives. Especially in Africa, we are very happy for our pride of serving our country. We have the most honorable mission and pride to send halal products produced by our nationals, which we are proud of being a member, to our representatives in different geographies. We strongly condemn the abusive attacks we have experienced in 2016, the treacherous coup attempt, and we support our government in the fight against all kinds of terrorist organizations, especially feto, pkk, daesh, ypg. We believe that, in 2017, our country will successfully cope with these struggles and continue to be the hope of the world's oppressed. I would like to reiterate that we are prepared to give all kinds of contributions, especially from the export side of this struggle, and we will work with all the efforts and beliefs we have in this way. We wish another prosperous year with full of success for Bosphorus Expo and it's customers.